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    Default Searching Patterns ( Attractors)...

    Some flies the will be getting wet in the Eastern Sierras this Spring...they will work a lot of other places too...

    Hot Bead Go 2 Prince

    Black "Evil Weevil"

    Turkey Vac (Olive)

    More patterns, ingredients and BG info are in the usual location...

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    Nice flies. I have to tie some shop vacs.


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    excellent looking attractors
    Dave Watts

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    Default Re: Searching Patterns ( Attractors)...

    Nice looking attractors, especially the Shop Vac variation!


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    I had already bookmarked the website in your sig. specifically for the "weevil" patterns and others. Really nice flies and perfect timing for me as I'm tying attractor patterns this week. Thanks a ton for posting PT.

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    very nice flys I esp like the Black "Evil Weevil" and the Turkey Vac


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