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    Default Most Productive Brown Trout Flies???

    Hello Folks,
    I have been studing the different natures between Rainbow and Brown Trouts and was wondering which flies are more productive to catch a Brown Trout.

    In general, Brown Trout tend to exist in slower moving & deeper water, like cloudy days and poor weather, and eat larger, more meaty meals.

    So, with that in mind I was looking to see what your most effective Brown Trout pattern?

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    I typically find it pretty hard to go species-specific, but i typically catch browns on muddler minnows, wooly buggers, and the like. If i were pressed to catch only browns i'd pay more attention to when and where i fished.

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    Default Re: Most Productive Brown Trout Flies???

    Larger brown trout make up more of their diet with baitfish and crawfish, but they consume most of the same insects that rainbows do. If you are fishing slower water then you might find that soft hackles are just the ticket. Though they look weird and sparse, they work really well in slower moving water that will move those hackle fibers.

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    When it comes to trying to target large Browns in water that also holds 'Bows, I try to put more focus on Where I fish rather than the fly I fish with.Although the two may have slight differences in what they eat on a daily basis,they will both chase down any minnow or leech pattern.Now with that being said, I must devuldge a secrete.While fishing the BOW in Alberta,I conducted a little "fly" experament.On a stretch that seem's to have held both Browns and 'Bows at about 50/50(according to my catch rates from years of journal keeping)I tied on a white Wolly Bugger,with a little green crystal flash.Looking at my journal from the summer of '97, the catch rates where(on that fly)15 Browns over 20" and 3 Bow's, only 1 of wich was over 20".Although I don't remember fishing only prime Brown times(overcast,late afternoon ect.)I do remember thinking that this was a totally fair little experament.On a world class Brown and Rainbow fishery,in indescriminate weather with a single pattern,over a period of 3 weeks!So according to my trusty journal,the Big browns on the Bow love white wolly buggers!To me though the best way to target only BIG browns is to night fish with mice or other large offerings.
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    My go to fly in that particular water that I fish all the time is a black fly larva,
    or emerging black fly (DIPTERA) They hatch most of the year and all species browns and bows tear up these flies hard in sizes 24-32
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    The ones here seem to go nuts over red flying ants when tucked under the water. That and bass pro shops has an epocsy and marabou streamer, in brown trout color that works extremely well on days with no hatches.

    Off topic-Dukeofurl, aint seen you in a while (its panfisha from BPS forums)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishplease View Post brown trout color that works extremely well on days with no hatches.
    What materials would I use to tie a brown trout color fly?


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