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  1. Default Can a fly be to heavy

    Can it? I used a popper today out on a lake and my casting was sub par, using a 4x leader and tippet.

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    Default Re: Can a fly be to heavy

    Quote Originally Posted by dsssox13 View Post
    Can it? I used a popper today out on a lake and my casting was sub par, using a 4x leader and tippet.

    When throwing out larger and more wind resistant flies, one needs to think of the rod, line, and leader as a delivery system. All three parts need to work well together. The rod has to be able to throw the line, leader, and fly. The line has to be able to put a load in the rod to store enough energy to throw the line, leader, and fly. The leader has to be able to transfer energy from line to fly for good turnover.


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    Default Re: Can a fly be to heavy

    MP makes very good points here. I would ask, were you in a boat or able to wade off shore for any distance?

    I ask this because providing your leader is heavy enough for the fly; I often must use an inordinate amount of weight, how I deal with it is simple. Instead of false casting a load of weight I make a pick up and then lay the line strait out behind my position. After the line lands and before the weight has time to gain much in the way of depth, I use the anchor of the line on the water to load the rod and with one full swoop launch the cast back to where I want it. This technique allows one to shoot a large amount of line thus compensating for the stripping in you must do on still water applications.

    Try it, you might like it....................


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    Default Re: Can a fly be to heavy

    You may need a heavier rod for bigger flies. Part of it is, I'm sure, just not being used to casting big flies. I use a lot of different flies. Give yourself a bit of time to get used to it, and you will probably be OK. I cast Dahlberg Mega divers that are 10" long, and a little Mayfly imitation I toss for Mooneye. Going from one to another requires some adjustment to get my casts back. Just going from one rod to another messes with my casing for a bit. There is a story about a guy fishing for Halibet with a fly rod a while back, and he is casting rediculously heavy flies. Things with 10 or 12 giant cones on them. He's using a 12 wt. to toss them. It's all in adjusting.

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    Default Re: Can a fly be to heavy

    A fly can definitely be too heavy, but its equally possible that wind resistance was your problem with that fly. Going to a heavier rod would likely be best, but with that same rod, you may get the popper to cast better by making your leader shorter and/or stiffer. An 8' 2x leader will turn over large stuff better than a 10' 4x leader.

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  6. Default Re: Can a fly be to heavy

    No, but your rod and line can be too light. It's a system; there is a range in which you can change things around and have it work properly. Outside of that range, you much adjust more of the parts.
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