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Thread: Czech Nymphing

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    Most of the time it's associated with multiplies flies, (our limit is two or one for most waters). The F&G almost passed that you could not use any kind of dropper last year, the feedback was an uprising and they backed off and sad "oh, we ment more than two flies, you know Czech Nymphing". So really they have banned more than two flies.

    I know what you are saying that CN is different from highsticking...

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    Hi to all,

    I did a bunch of Salmon Egg fishing with a fly rod when I was much younger in California. The very best setup I found was a fly rod with an under rod spin reel with a lever like the picture. This really worked slick with a fly rod. The reel was equipped with mono. It wasn't fly fishing but worked great on trout streams in the Sierras.


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    After reading the posts & article about CN, the only difference I see is that by having most or all of the line out of the water, you are able to control [ slow down ] the drag as the flies proceed downstream. Nymphing has always been
    most effective for me when fishing in close anyway.

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    Put bait on the end and Cn becomes "dappling"..........

    All are very effective........

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