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Thread: moffitt system

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    Anyone know where to purchase the Moffitt System? The company seems to have disappeared and I'm hoping someone out there knows of a retail outlet that may have some left on hand. Thanks

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    Make sure to check where you plan to use it - in several states the Moffit system is illegal - it is considered snagging under current fishing regulations.

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    Has been legalized in CO. Admittedly, it is "snagging" or "foul-hooking" a fish; but, hey, if it allows for decreased mortality in C and R fish, which I believe it does, then, OK. This is not a new method -- only an adaptation of the method for stream-fishing for trout.

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    How does it works? How is the method?

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    As best as I can tell there is a small circle hook that has a gap of about a quarter of an inch that is tied about a half inch or so behind a "hookless" fly. As the fish eats the fly, fisherperson feels the strike and pulls the hookless fly out of its mouth and then the circle hook engages the side of the mouth from the outside; thus the reference to "foul-hooking." Anyone may please refine my explanation.

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    Default Moffitt was a snagger no doubt;

    Not looking to ruffle anyones feathers but I would not use that. I have been safely catching and releasing wild trout since I was a boy and a barbless hook is less harmful than a snag to the exterior surfaces of a fish. I have caught more fish than I could begin to hang a number on and never needed any other than a traditional dry, wet, or streamer fly.

    Like our own mouths the inside of a fishes mouth will heal quickly from a puncture wound from a size 16 hook without a barb. The outside areas of the mouth or any other part of the body being pierced with the hook is not a desirable goal for a catch and release fly fisherman. You would be doing well to avoid this gimmick.

    Just my opinion on that,


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Like Ard said. He is a true sportsman.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    It appears that the Moffitt website ( has been shut down. Perhaps the company has gone out of business. I have not seen any of their magazine ads for a couple of months either.

    Personally I agree with Ard - if people would simply use a barbless hook instead of the Moffitt "system" or a standard barbed hook, the fish would receive significantly less damage.

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    If the Moffitt System always worked in the way it was intended to, then hook-ups would always be very near the edge of the mouth opening and thus would heal as quickly as if hooked intra-orally. However, in an imperfect world this would not always be the case and, true, if hooked elsewhere damage would be greater. Barbless is always better; I get better hook-ups barbless than barbed because the hook is sharper, and narrower and does not have the barb to prevent the hook from getting a good,deep set; and of course very little tissue damage when removed. Thanks for everyone's interest and input.

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    Hi Everyone,

    The Moffitt system was a lot of hype regardless whether it worked better or not. They were trying to sell something that any fly tier could make and fish. It just didn't seem to me that they were going to be a commercial success. I hate to see any fly fishing endevor fail but I won't miss Moffitt and their system.


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