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Thread: Fly Identification?

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    Hi, I'm new to fly fishing. I recently moved to Fernie BC and we have some of the best dry fly river fishing in BC so I decided it was time to learn. I acquired some equipment from my dad and he sent along a few flies to help get me started. He wasn't sure what I was going to need though because he mostly fishes lakes.

    Can anyone identify these flies left to right and tell me what they might be good for? Thanks for your help! If it you need it bigger you can click on it.

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    Default Re: Fly Identification?

    First, you have to understand that there are many, many fly patterns tied as local favorites that you may never see in any type of publication, so they may not even have names, or only names that would be known to a small group of anglers. Also, there are likely hundreds of variations of known patterns, so identifying a specific pattern is often difficult, especially when they're used or have been stored in a fly box for a long time as these look to have been.

    The first one, on the left looks like a Spuddler or variation. It's a streamer pattern that mimics Sculpins, or in some locations possibly small catfish or even Goby's. Usually best fished slowly near the bottom, because that's where these species spend most of their time. The Spuddler is a cross between a Muddler Minnow & a Spruce Fly, and I believe was the brain storm of Dave Whitlock, a well known fly tier & writer.

    The second one looks like it could be a Carey Special variation, of which there are many. It could imitate a lot of things, including various large nymphs or small bait fish, or even crayfish. Again, best fished near the bottom.

    The third one I cannot identify.

    The fourth fly, is likely a bucktail streamer, and may be a variation of an "Intregration Bucktail" which is tied with black over white bucktail hair. It's another bait fish imitation. It's possible it could also be a Black Nose Dace variation, as it's hard to tell how many colors there are in that mangled hair.
    Both are very good generic bait fish patterns.

    The fifth one I also cannot identify.

    The sixth fly looks like it may be an Adams dry fly or a variation. The Adams is a good general purpose dry fly as it imitates many species of Mayflies & even Caddis. However, from the photo it does not look to be in the best shape, and could even be a wet fly form of the Adams. It's a pattern that has been tied in both dry & wet forms. Still a darn good fly either way.

    The last one is possibly a Pheasant Tail nymph or a variation. Another pattern that imitates many species of insect.

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    Default Re: Fly Identification?

    I'd start with the local favorites.

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    Default Re: Fly Identification?

    I'd start with the local favorites.
    I agree, local favorites are favorites for a reason!

    I did some searching thru some pattern books I have. That third fly looked familiar but I couldn't place it. Then it hit me. It may be an Assam Dragon Nymph, a fly that Charles Brooks originated. It's hard to tell from your picture, but the pattern calls for brown seal fur still on the hide wrapped as a body, and a collar of long, soft, brown grizzly hackle. So, if that fly matches the pattern description, it's a Dragonfly nymph imitation.

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