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    Default Rotary Vise Question

    I'm in the market for a rotary vise I do not want to spend more then $2oo bucks. I do not know anyone who tie's fly's so I guess tag my buds on this forum are it. I have a entry level vise now I will be only making fly's for myself not production stuff. I have a bad thumb on my right hand so wrapping the thread with the bobbin to make the dubbed body's is a pain. I was looking at rotary vise's to help me in this area. I have it down to either the Renzetti Cam Series Traveler Vise at $195.00 or the Griffin Montana Mongoose at $199.00. What is your guys take on this subject. Any and all comments are welcome. All so kind of new to trying.
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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Question

    Know many guys on the forum are very pleased with the Renzetti and the Peak you should have some comments about the Griffin...don't know it

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Question

    I tie on a Rezetti, and wouldn't trade for the world. Your investment with one would probably last a lifetime. That said there are so many good ones out there.
    I'm pleased with my travel rotary vise which is a Danvise for under $100. Please let us know what you get.

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Question

    I use the Peak and am very pleased with it. I am only a beginner but can find no fault in the vise. Please let us know what you decide.

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Question

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Question

    I've been using a Renzetti Traveler since the mid nineties. It is a very nice tool for making flies, stock jaw will hold from size 20 up to a 3/0 salmon hook. Operation is simple, I would say you can't go wrong there.


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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Question

    In that price range you cannot go wrong with either the Renzetti or the Griffin. If you haven't checked it out the Peak Vise its worth looking at as well. I've never used either, but I know much better tiers than I who have use all the above.

    I absolutely LOVE my Regal Revolution, but it was rediculously expensive even after the discount I received.
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Question


    I'm no expert at fly tying (Just about a year with my Peak), but after 20+ years as a carpenter I have a pretty good feel for quality in a hand tool (which is what a fly tying vice is)

    I know many people like the Renzetti Traveler and the Griffin but they just don't feel as solid as the peak.

    The HMH Spartan does feel solid but it's not a true rotary which may not mean much to you.

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Question

    Hi All.
    Over the years I have made & used many Vises,at present I have six,like others I don't really get rid of any gear just acquire more.
    I now mostly use one I made on a Lathe back in the eighties as well as a Dyna King & my latest one is an Atlas.
    The Atlas was only $125 plus Shipping,it's a very well designed Vise,however some of the machining & tolerances were a little to be desired,however I corrected the problems & now have a beaut Vise which I mainly use to tie the smaller Flies as it has small strong finer Jaws than the two others.
    Friends also have Renzetti's,Griffin's & Dyna King's,etc,as well as The El Cheapo Indian made ones,even though they aren't Rotary Vises they can still be used to tie good Flies.
    I have found TheDyna King Vise has very strong Jaws & really hold the Hooks well,regardless of size,probably up there with the best of all Vises I have used.

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    Default Re: Rotary Vise Question

    Rip Tide that was some eye opening reading THANKS TO ALL I will let everyone know what I decide on wife is looking for me for Xmas

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