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Thread: Best Nymph

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    If you have ever fished the San Juan then you have probably heard of the Yong Special which is a well known fish catcher on that river.

    Just some Coates & Clark sewing thread, black tying thead for the head, and some head cement.

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    here it is-
    #1 gold ribbed hairs ear
    #2 prince nymph
    #3 copper john

    honorable mention- pheasant tail,zug bug



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    Tying Instructions:

    There is another popular fly, the Yong Flasher:

    fish the San Juan with Andy Kim


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    Quote Originally Posted by latshki View Post
    I like to use a simplified PTN and a combo fly of pheasant tail and hares ear, I think it's called a double standard if I'm not mistaken

    Great video of [ame=""]Double Standard[/ame]

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    thats the one! great fly for sure!
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    when all else fails, a plain pheasant tail, no bead, no flashback works for me.

    Most flies these days are tied to entice the fisherman. The simplest flies tend to work better on days when fish seem to have lockjaw.

    I probably catch more fish on simple tied flies like pheasant tails, yong's specials and basic thread midges.

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    95% for me would be one of these:
    Mercer Micro May Fly
    Red Copper John
    Pheasnt tail (on the 2487 hook)

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    I tie a very simple fly that is a killer. Simply a muskrat dubbed body with peacock herl head. I have not been fly fishing long but I am finding that the sparse fly's seem to work the best for me. Another is a peacock herl wrapped body with a partridge soft hackle.

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    An important thing to bring up is what might look buggy or even real on the vise can appear totally different to a trout. In my opinion the Hare's Ear with copper wire and no bead is a skunk killer another is the Wolt's Worm. Its supposed to imitate a crane fly larvae but trout typiclly only see that after high water events yet the pattern kills even in low and gin clear conditions.
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    Great thread! Loved the video of the double standard

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