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Thread: Best Nymph

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    Quote Originally Posted by caseywise View Post
    here it is-
    #1 gold ribbed hairs ear
    #2 prince nymph
    #3 copper john

    honorable mention- pheasant tail,zug bug

    Agree Casey, but I would have listed them in a different order:
    Bead head PN
    Copper John
    gold ribbed hairs ear
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    I'll catch 95% of my fish caught on nymphs on BH Pheasant Tails or BH Hares Ear. I use a bead head because I hate using split shot and indicators, so the tungsten bead head gets the fly down in pretty much any current without having to resort to using shot, and I just watch the tip of my fly line as an indicator. Works perfect for me.
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    Hi Red Owl,

    My favorite nymph is the Prince Nymph with a thread head.


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    soft hackle copper john in sizes 10-20, in every color, but especially olive, black, brown, and copper. There are some PT's and nymphs in there too.

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    Since I'm a nymph fisherman I tend to use a two fly rig, so in order of preference:

    Lead fly:
    Bird's stone fly nymph
    BH Pheasant Tail
    Prince Nymph

    Tailer fly:
    Green Copper John
    soft hackle PT or hares ear
    rainbow warrior or brassie

    I read where someone mentioned minimalist patterns, has anyone noticed any difference with copper johns w/out legs/hackle? seems like I've had more luck on a plain green copper john with no legs or hackle tied in, than with legs and or hackle. (By legs I mean partridge or PT fibers ties in to mimic legs, not rubber legs).

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    I have always wondered about what is referred to as the "buggy" look. Insects have exoskeletons so the surface should be smooth, not fuzzy if one wants to create a "buggy" look.
    As for patterns, I look at the latest pattern that seems to be catching fish around here and figure out how to imitate the pattern using fewer materials and simpler tying techniques. Sometimes it even works! (heh,, heh)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Owl View Post
    I am currently reading Lee Wulff's "Trout on a Fly" and he said a plain gray nymph with a little peacock herl at the head worked great but he couldn't sell them. People wanted, gold ribs, hackle, etc.
    I have seen these minimal patterns but never used them. Any thoughts?
    In my experience, a hook with just palmered peacock herl will catch fish. I think it's the green/gold sparckle that you get off herl in the water that garners the strikes.

    But Lee was right; although minimal patterns work well at catching fish, they're not very effective at catching fishermen!


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    Quote Originally Posted by tbblom View Post
    soft hackle copper john in sizes 10-20, in every color, but especially olive, black, brown, and copper. There are some PT's and nymphs in there too.
    nice looking box tbl!


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    My go to for stocked trout is a flashback pheasant tail. I put on a tiny shot about 6 inches ahead of the fly. Slowly strip it back in still water. Any doubt set the hook.

    1 spring day a few years ago I got 50+ fly fishing. The guys using bait had a hard time getting a 5 fish limit. Needless to say with each fish I released I was becoming the most despised guy on the pond. I told them trout are used to eating bugs, not clumps of playdoh. I'm sure a few of those guys went out and bought fly poles shortly after.

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    I agree with the minimalist approach - Dave's Harvestor Midge is super simple and very effective - TMC 2499 SPBL, black tungsten bead, Danville 6/0 brown/rust thread and fine black Ultra wire. No tail, no legs, no wing case; just looks buggy and does a great job fishing the tailwaters in Missouri.
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