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    Default Re: small minnow patterns


    You could also try a simple marabou wing streamer-- easy to throw, but it will puff up a bit in the water to look like a decent meal-- i like them because they're a cinch to tie, suspend in the water column and you can fish them real slowly over the tops of weed beds or in shallow water -- even letting them just sit for a bit in still or slow moving water. This one is a size 8, which should be easy to throw with your 3 weight.

    This is also a very easy fly for any of our new tyers out there that might be looking. Here's a recipe for fly in the pic, but use whatever materials you have on hand, and tie it as fancy or as basic as you want.

    Hook: streamer hook 3 or 4 extra long, size of your choice, (4xl size 8 here)
    Thread: Black
    Tail (optional): A few hackle barbs from strung rooster saddle feather about a hook gape long used here. A short "tag" of red wool, tuft of rabbit fur etc are other options.
    Body: Sparkle Braid, Diamond Braid, Bill's Body Braid or similar, color of your choice.
    Throat (optional): A few hackle barbs tied underside of hook about a hook gape long used here.
    Wing: Marabou extending to end of tail,
    Flash (optional): a couple pieces cut from a single strand of pearl Krystal Flash on each side of wing used here
    Topping (optional): 6 or so strands of strung peacock herl as long as wing used here. After tie in, if the herl strands are sticking out straight, you can curl the herl strands over needle of your bodkin to bend into a more natural looking curve.

    Just vary sizes and colors to suit-- white wing/silver or pearl body, yellow wing/gold body, and black wing/gold body have also been good. Those colors and hot pink/pearl body are also good for crappie and perch if you have any around.

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    Default Re: small minnow patterns

    Thanks for all the new suggestions, I'm gonna tie up at least a few of everything mentioned and post pics.


    I love that little fly, it looks like just what I want.


    I have had some luck with Muddlers fishing them on top as a sloppy popper, I've never tied them but I'll try making some in #8's and # 10s and see how they work.


    those bendbacks look great and simple. I've had a little luck with my version of a Sanchez Sluggo Leech which is a bendback fly. The only difference is that I add a dubbed marabou collar (I use a simple homemade version of the marc petitjean magic tool).

    BTW, I was gonna try to tie some Matukas last night but none of my saddles have the correct feather profile. They are all to skinny on the ends.

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    Default Re: small minnow patterns

    Mudbug, you got me thinking about my 7'-6" 3 wt rod which has not been out in a long time. Since I seconded the matuka recommendation I used one. It was a size 8 which was a little big but it did the trick. I have tied matukas with feathers that were not as wide as they are supposed to be and they still worked. I prefer a wider tail but will use a slim feather if thats all I have. The one I used today was pretty slim.

    It was cold out and the bite was slow but I caught 7 or 8 rainbows between removing ice from the guides on the rod. I have a double taper line which cast well even casting into a wind that the local news showed at about 7 mph. All the fish were between 15" and 17" except the last fish of the day which was 10". Here are a couple of them.

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    Default Re: small minnow patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by mudbug View Post

    those bendbacks look great and simple. I've had a little luck with my version of a Sanchez Sluggo Leech which is a bendback fly. The only difference is that I add a dubbed marabou collar (I use a simple homemade version of the marc petitjean magic tool).
    I've thought about incorporating zonkers into my bendbacks, but haven't yet because they're so bulky to tie in. But I guess if its the only thing, there's not much bulk to worry about.

    I noticed silicone caulk being mentioned in that recipe. Is it for coating the undersides of the leather to toughen it up or something?

    Edit, just saw the explanation off to the side-

    Tying: The hide strip is coated with a thin layer of marine caulking and sprinkled with extra-fine pearlescent glitter before it dries. The caulking helps prevent the hook from pulling back through the hide.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: small minnow patterns

    OK, a couple Matukas tied up, a couple of Mark's maribou minnows tied up, and a couple bend backs tied up. I'll get pics tomorrow and post them.

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    Default Re: small minnow patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by swampdonkey View Post

    My brother lives in Avondale and is surrounded by urban ponds full of bass, panfish, and carp. He says he has a very hard time getting the bass to take but has been pretty successful with the carp. I would have thought it would be the other way around. What have you found to work best with the bass?

    Bass, especially Largemouth are very smart for fish. If you hook a Largemouth on something, it almost certainly will never hit one again. In places where they get a lot of pressure, like urban ponds, they are essentially trained to avoid a lot of things. They may even become wary of lines even though they are in general not a line shy species. I used to fish a small lake, in a town I lived in, for Largemouth a lot. They get to where you have a hard time walking up on them. I had to walk slow and wear Camo. Stay low. Use something they have not seen a bunch of. Urban Bass you need to be sneaky with. The best Bass lake in Minnesota is right in the middle of town. I think being right in the middle of town may be one of the reasons it's so good. That and the powerplant.

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