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    Looks great! Have you been tying for long? I tied one recently just to see if I could and found them fairly easy to tie. I used yellow as my under belly to represent a perch. By chance did you add any weight to the fly? I failed to take that into consideration when I fished it in some faster moving water and could not get it to where the fish were while fishing the Oauchita River for smallmouths last month. I hate using split shot as my casting goes to complete **** when I've tried it in the past and thus slipped it back into my fly box and went with my standard Olive BH Woolly Bugger.

    Nevertheless, great job!


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    i just started finally tying this season my dad though has been doing it for years so i had a good teacher. Yes i did weight it with lead wire bc i was also fishing for bass on this one. Thanks for the input

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    Hi flyguys,

    It looks good to me. Many people use too much material in their first EP tries but you did a good job.


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