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  1. Default What's your best striper fly?

    For many years I had many different patterns in my box .But I have found that the last few years that I just fish certain patterns .I have a couple of patterns that I fish for trout and salmon .And one or two patterns for stripers and I have never had as many fish as I do now.I think that you learn to fish the pattern in different conditions to produce results .That being said what is your killer striper/rockfish fly? I use a krystal flash bottom a green krystal flash top with a couple of peacock feathers (5-6) on top of that. They seem to love it .This is tidal fresh water fishing what are you guys using??


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    That sounds like a good pattern. There probably isn't too many striper fishermen here. I may be surprised.

    Give a man a fish, he will have dinner. Teach a man to fish and he will be late for dinner. Quote by Someone. *L*

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    I fish for stripers on ocassion, not so much though there are a couple of guys who work out of my local shop that fish them all the time. They use chartruse and white clousers tied sparsley almost exclusively.

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    My favorite striper/bluefish fly is a chartreuse and white Clouser minnow. I also use a color combination that we call Maryland or Blue Crab colored Clouser that the fish seem to like a lot. I believe a guy named Joe Bruce came up with that color combination.

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    Default Re: What's your best striper fly?

    I think you're right. Confidence is a big part of it, and for the most part Stripers don’t seem to be too picky. I fish for them a lot in SW around here. Probably caught mot of them on a simple 2/0 blue over white Deceiver. It’s usually the first fly out of the box.

    The neat thing about deceivers is that you can tie them so many different ways- with bucktail instead of saddles for the tail, or reverse “hollow flye” style (tied in with tips of the bucktail forward then folded back to get a big profile that pushes a lot of water. I’ve had a lot of luck using all chartreuse deceivers in stained/murky water in harbors

    We have a lot of different baitfish around here with different body profiles, so I tie up a bunch of different patterns:

    Sandeels – a clouser imitates this well since they often burrow into the sand. It’s also a good searching fly. Surf candies too if there are a lot of bluefish around.

    Silver sides- like the sandeel another long slim baitfish, The “Rays Fly” is an excellent pattern, and a very easy tie. Surf candies too for bluefish.
    Menhaden- deep profile decivers are a good general imitation for the smaller ones, flatwings for bigger ones. Crease flies are fun for fishing on top.

    Herring- These can be very big, Flatwings can be tied long, have great action in the water, and are pretty easy to cast. They’re also great dead drifted in current.

    Mullet- these have a round body profile. They usually run out of the bays after the first cold snap in September. Often they will hug the shore along the surf, right in the wash, and you'll see stripers shooting through the curl of waves. They can literally be at your feet. It can be the best fishing of the year. During a "blitz" almost anything will work, but a Siliclone or Snake Fly (spun deer hair head) is a great imitation. The snake fly is my favorite for “v waking” across the surface at night during summer too in back bays.

    Bay anchovies or “rain bait”- In October we get huge schools of small 2” baitfish. The bass are usually not too picky, but these huge schools also attract false albacore and bonito and they are. To imitate the baitfish, a small size 2 or hook, with just some white bucktail and a topping of brown hair from the “wrong” side of the bucktail about 2” long. I’ve caught a bunch of bass on this pattern when the anchovies are in.

    May/June/July New and Full Moons- Stripers can be really picky. One the new and full moons when tide movement is strongest we get “hatches” of marine worms (cinder worms), juvenile crabs about the size of a nickel, and tons of grass shrimp. Unweighted woolly buggers, gurglers and small sparkle yarn crab patterns fishe 2 or 3 at a time on droppers can be good.
    I mostly fish from shore, but a and can be very effective for deep channels and holes from a boat.

    So I end up tying and using a lot of different patterns, but the deceiver is usually the first one to be called off the bench.


    PS we have a SW fly swap starting up if anyone wants to jump in.

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    Default Re: What's your best striper fly?

    The fly that consider my 'big fish fly' is a flat wing of about 7" tied in the 'ray's fly' colors of olive over yellow over white
    I'll often pair it up with a olive and chartreuse 'blonde' dropper
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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