First, let me say that I do not consider myself an expert, or anywhere near that lofty position when it comes to flies ... To be sure, I am smart enough to arm myself with the Adams, Black Gnats, Blank Ants, Mosquitos, a bunch of nymphs, Lefty's Deceivers, and a few more.

However, being old, I just might have a few secrets the majority of you have never tried. For example, have you ever fished a fly called the "Silver Doctor" for trout, or more importantly, Mr. Smallmouth?

It's an old fly - about my age - but in the days of yesteryear, it's a fly that brought fear to the Ancient Fish Gods when fished for Atlantic Salmon.

Once upon a time, I had a bunch of these flies ... They worked great on grayling, trout, and steelhead in the northwest and Alaska. Over time, I lost them, one by one. All that proves is either they work or I'm a terrible caster, and that notion is far from the truth.

The patterns I loved were either tied as wets or streamers. Try one, you just might become a convert.