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  1. Default Anyone Recommend a Good Kenyan?

    Anyone out there buying their flies from one of the Kenyan tying groups? I've bought from a few different tyers out there, but I need someone who:

    (1) does not require me to pay anything up front -- been burned before,
    (2) does decent quality work at dirt cheap prices, and
    (3) can turn around a 200+ dozen order in a couple of weeks.

    If you've been doing business with someone you like, I'd like to hear about them.


  2. Default Re: Anyone Recommend a Good Kenyan?

    I've not yet ordered from those guys but have spoken to several of them... they all want payment up front.

    John Mbugua with World Class Flies seems to be the most honest and reliable. I checked several of his references and they all checked out good. His sample flies are very good.

    Henry Mwangi claims he can sell flies in bulk for $2.00 per dozen. I got some free samples from him also and they all looked very good. I don't know anything about his dependability but he offers a long list of references. His email is

    Hope this helps.


  3. Default Re: Anyone Recommend a Good Kenyan?

    Am a member of this site,i have been tying flies for the last several years.Just worked on my website. Premium Fishing Flies.
    Prices are always a matter to be discussed,the prices on the website are just guide lines to the prices.No payments upfront and refferals provides upon request.
    We do look forward hearing from you.
    John Ndungu { owner}

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    Default Re: Anyone Recommend a Good Kenyan?

    HA! Saw the thread title and thought maybe we had another fine Coffee aficionado on here. oh well

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  5. Default Re: Anyone Recommend a Good Kenyan?

    John, I'll keep you in mind for my next order. Thanks.

    BigCliff, I do certainly like a good quality cup of coffee -- I just can't afford it. After all, I have a truck payment to make!

  6. Default Re: Anyone Recommend a Good Kenyan?

    Thanks ! we are longing to tye your flies.

  7. Default Re: Anyone Recommend a Good Kenyan?

    I am also looking for someone..
    Keep me posted if you find someone, we might be able to split a larger order.

  8. Default Re: Anyone Recommend a Good Kenyan?

    I had previously posted an ad in regard to my flies.they have been endorsed in North America & Europe.Refferals are provided upon request,no payment upfront,fast delivery.Prices are fantastic ! durable flies !
    Don't go searching am here.
    Please drop me an email.
    Have a nice day !
    John Ndungu { owner}
    Premium Fishing Flies

  9. Default Re: Anyone Recommend a Good Kenyan?


    If you want to get in on group orders, I've started the "Wholesale Fly Buyers Club" -- Missouri Trout Hunter -- Wholesale Fly Buyer's Club. We have about 40 members. I order around 100 dozen usually 3x a year for myself, and then I welcome other people to add their order to mine. Right now there are 40-50 "members" to the club.

  10. Default Re: Anyone Recommend a Good Kenyan?

    I would be glad if you would grant me the opportunity to service the fly
    buyers club with flies.

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