I'm going to chime in. Dan casts a lot of clousers in a size two. He will tell you that you can catch anything on a blue and white clouser. I dont have pike here, but I do have bass, carp, walleye, catfish, etc. My fishing situation is a bit different than Dan's. I have little to no back casting room. I like a shorter rod like a 12'6. Dan prefers the biggest, longest rod that you can cast. However, there are people that fish 7-8 weight rods in a 12'6 for pike, musky, and walleye all day long. Skagit will turn over a big musky fly, but so will a 9/10 or 10/11 Trevor Morgan. I tend to like scandi style lines. But I'm not opposed to longer bellies.

If you look up fishingwithflies on YouTube, you can watch some of his videos about it and learn some of his techniques.

Hope this helps. Sorry for any misspelled words. I'm typing from a phone.


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