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    Default Your favorite smolt pattern

    Wondering what smolt patterns you guys like?

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    Default Re: Your favorite smolt pattern

    Noboddy has a favorite smolt pattern?

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    Default Re: Your favorite smolt pattern

    Are you sure you mean smolt rather than fry or parr stage? Smolt can be pretty large since they are the stage that goes to sea.

    I've fished the fry "hatch" on the Copper River using a Thunder Creek minnow pattern.

    THow to tie: Thunder Creek Minnow, Fly Pattern, Streamers, Tying Instruction, Recipe, Fly Fishing


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    Not a smolt pattern but an alvin/fry pattern. I imagine it should work for most pan fish and bass when the fry are hatching. Might work in rivers for trout and steelhead.

    Rude and crude pattern that I haven't messed with much since first tying but has a lot of potential if I ever sat down and tried to make it look more fishy.

    My favorite minnow pattern would have to be Crappie Candy followed by the Clouser minnow. That is until I decide to set down and perfect that alvin pattern.

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    Default Re: Your favorite smolt pattern

    maybe he meant smelt?

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    Default Re: Your favorite smolt pattern

    i think he's targeting smolts
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