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    Has anyone tried volume dressing for flies instead of the little bottles? There is a water-based ScotchGuard available that comes in a big bottle. It seems that one could soak flies in it and dry them for good waterproofing. The bottle would last for years, and soaking flies in a small container like a teacup would make waterproofing easier. Has anyone tried this?

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    I personally use the old formula of Scotchguard in the GREEN can. It works, I cannot speak for the new RED can formula.

    Others have said that the the silicone waterproofing for tents works.

    I spray the Scotchguard into a glass jar with a cap like the gourmet mustard or fruit preserves you get at high end restaurants. They are just the right size. Dip fly in, shake, and allow to dry.


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    Though not the same application, Tiemco Dry Magic works wonders.
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    I've used Rain-X.
    IMO It works better on dry flies than it does on car windshields
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