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Thread: Bluegill Flies

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    My dad and I (mostly him) have always had good luck with what we call the "shoulder hackle professor." They are very easy to tie, and not that hard to make really well.

    I tied a bunch of them earlier.

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    The local stream has a HUGE population of red-breasted sunfish and bluegills. My go-to fly has been a Green Weenie, but they just don't seem interested this year....???? Fortunately, they hammer a bead head GRHE, a green foam bug that I tie, and small EHC's. The bigger fish will often just swipe at the larger dry flies, but the little ones will get themselves hooked on larger foam bugs I use for smallmouth. The red-breasted sunfish hit so hard on this stream, I often think that I've just hooked a smallmouth. They are insane fighters, and I love them.

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    I had pretty good luck with a foam bug thing I tied yesterday. Only caught 2 on it, but I was getting something hitting it almost every cast. I used black a 3/32 foam cylinder, pink sparkle dubbing body, black rubber legs (2 pieces = 4 legs) and black thread on a size 10 or 12 hook. I also caught 1 on a San Juan worm I made.

    Story with a theory:

    I used to fish with spinning tackle for bluegill using a live worm, hook, and bobber and I just get torn up when I have to cut the hook after the fish swallows it. I'd rather not catch a fish than catch a fish that swallows a hook. When I was out yesterday fly fishing, the first fly I used was the San Juan worm. That fish swallowed the hook, but I did manage to get it out. Neither of the fish I caught using the foam bug swallowed the hook.

    So here is the theory: The fish will willingly swallow something that it is familiar with, but will want to chew or taste something it may not have seen before.

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    Mylar minnow in gold

    I tied one a while back that must have caught over a 1000 gills before it disintigrated. I showed it to the local fly shop and now they have it stocked. Anyway, here is a picture. Its a simple tie if you have the stuff.

    Corbin Hart
    Auburn University Fly Fishing Club
    War Eagle/Tight Lines

    Make sure to like our facebook page for a chance to win free flies!

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    I'm huge on Wilson's bluegill bully spider but only from a boat where I'm sitting high enough to watch their wobbly legs disappear. That usually happens because the sunk too deep or, better yet, got chomped on.
    I like small poppers too. Hipps poppers are my favorites. They are the most floatable and durable I've ever used and cast real nice because their so lightweight.
    My go-to fly and the fly that has never failed me is the Madam X. They can be fished on top, in the film or sunk and they always produce. As my friend JT says, powerful medicine!

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    My most productive is on a sink tip, short leader 2-3' with a 9"-12" dropper. Put a black w/white legs #10 sponge spider and a #10 or 12 Tellico on the dropper

    If they quite biting change to white w/black legs and a pheasant tail.

    This combo has provided many crunchy tail fried brim meals for me.

    Pete A.

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    Wolly buggers are always a good choice for perch. Not sure about bluegill but fishing wolly buggers is killing two birds with one stone in a way. You catch your panfish and than you always have a chance at something like a bass or pike if there in your body of water.

    Good luck!

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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    What color buggers? Black or olive or something else? I might tie a few and try my luck with them.

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    I tie and fish Rubber Legged Dragons. They are Blue Gill killas!

    " Are you happy? If not, why not?"

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    for gills this summer it was all about #10 wooly buggers and #12 green foam spiders. sure, i caught plenty more on other patterns, but these 2 in particular, were above and beyond all the others.



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