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Thread: Bluegill Flies

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    I was wondering what flies work good for fly fishing? I have caught a few on poppers and wooly boogers but I was wondering what everyone else uses.

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    I love bluegills on popper. They'll also take regular dry flies as well as nymphs. Suspend a hare's ear under a popper or a dry fly and give them a choice.

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    Beside poppers & buggers, I like foam beetles, foam hoppers & crickets, foam ants, some basic, non descript type nymphs, tied mostly in natural colors, like shades of olive, black, tans & some brown. They just have to be buggy.

    Plus, small streamers, such as size 6, 8 or 10 Clousers, tied with bead chain eyes, and with soft materials such as ostrich herl strands, fox tail, coyote tail, or any other fine textured hair that 's long enough. I add a few strands of flash too.

    Basic white marabou streamers with a little pearlescent flash works well too.

    I use a lot of size 6, 4 or even 2 flies for panfish, and even for Bluegills. They're small mostly, but the larger size flies reduces hooking the smallest fish, and helps keep the larger ones from swallowing the hook as much & getting gut hooked.
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    I friend of mine only carriers a few sizes of balck with white leg foam spiders when he goes for gills,, and hasnt needed to use much else. I like poppers and the large dry fly is fun

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    bully's bluegill spider. yellow. you will catch them all day long
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    My go-to panfish fly is a Madam X. Hands down this catches me the most and biggest fish. Something about the rubber legs I guess. Cast it out and let it sit a moment. Then give it a little tug. The legs will spread out then retract when you stop pulling. I have even caught pan fish in deeper water with this fly.

    They are also easy to tie. Get a piece of deer belly and some rubber for legs and you are all set. I even have luck with my worst tied flies.

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    I have my best luck using a Dry flies (mainly the Mosquito). I caught my biggest Gill this year using a Nymph. Popper's are great watching them rush it on top. Any that resemble's Terrestrial's are great. Plan on getting some more Popper's and will try some foam's this year what Jim said

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    Default Re: Bluegill Flies

    Gills will hit anything they can fit in their mouth as well as flys that seem far to big for them . When fishing for them I try to use the biggest fit I can to keep the runts away. Funny how little gills will hit flys as long as they are. I've found that the larger gills will chase bait just like a bass and for them I'll use fairly large muddlers and clousers.If I just want to catch a bunch just about any dry, wet , beadhead or popper will take plenty of fish. Throw a San Juan Worm and you can pull one up an every cast. Same goes for any light colored nymph or beadhead.For consistent bog ones streamer fishing is the way to go !
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    I used to chase 'gills and panfish quite a bit and the best fly I ever used was called the Brim Fly

    I found one place that actually sells 'em: Flies and Popping Bugs Used For Fiy Fishing for Bream

    But they're easy enough to tie up yourself (if you tie flies that is).

    Fish it on a floating line with short twitches. I caught 'gills, 'seeds, crappie, rock bass, perch, LM bass, SM bass… all sorts of stuff on this little gray spider.

    Here's the pattern;
    - Hook: nymph, 2X heavy, 2X long, size 10-12
    - Thread: UTC 70 - red
    - Tail: white marabou
    - Body: gray chenille
    - Shellback: brown/black, variegated chenille
    - Legs: white rubber

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    Default Re: Bluegill Flies

    just hammered a bunch of these guys on a green foam spider

    allot of fun on the surface



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