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    Default Ever dropped a fly box and lost your flies?

    I was out fishing the other day and sitting on a rock changing flys, I accidentally dropped my box and it bounced off the rock and into the water. I had just spent $30 to fill it up a month or two before, it wasn't full but I lost a fair amount.
    only recovered a few.
    Anyways I'm a little bit over my fly fishing budget for this summer and. Curious how would be the best way to refill my box? Just want to get the most flys for the money, without loosing a ton of qality. I noticed that Barnsley fly Company sells packs of 50 dry flies for $31, all of the flies but maybe 3 are what I fish but I'm. Curious if anyone can comment on quality?

    Cheapest flys I can buy locally are $.99 and that is an hours drive from my house. After I figure my gas I think it is cheaper to order online and pay shipping.

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    Default Re: Ever dropped a fly box and lost your flies?

    Recently did the same thing. The supposedly 'floating' box went right to the bottom and washed down into a rather fast and rocky area. There were a lot of flies, but the hospital or funeral costs would have outweighed the replacement costs of the flies. I tie mine so didn't buy replacements, just rebuilding at the vise. Don't know about the company you mentioned.

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    Default Re: Ever dropped a fly box and lost your flies?

    Yes Sir sure have, a full box of beadheads and weighted nymphs. Oddly enough it was the first time I didn't flip out over something like that. In a weird way I was relieved. I'm not anti nymph but I don't realy like to fish them so I just chocked it up as anothers gain. For cheap flies I can't help there, $31 sounds almost too good to be true but I haven't bought flies in a while. Worse comes to worst just give them some extra head cement and invest in a bottle of watershed and give them a good soak the day before.
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    Default Re: Ever dropped a fly box and lost your flies?

    what flies are you looking for specifically?

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    Default Re: Ever dropped a fly box and lost your flies?

    I have had good luck with "the troutspot" when I have ordered online, about $.70 each. But mostly have been tying my own with rare exceptions, I hate tying copper johns, and muddler minnows, so those I order.

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    Which dry flies are you looking for?

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    Default Re: Ever dropped a fly box and lost your flies?

    At some time we have lost a Box of Flies,however Ive never worried as I've usuall plenty more or I get to work & replace them.

    Try Ebay you can usually buy Flies cheaper than you quoted or have you ever thought of Tying your own???

  8. Default Re: Ever dropped a fly box and lost your flies?

    I just ordered two assorted kits from Orvis for $9.00 each. It says limit one per household but it let me put a quantiy in so.. what the hell?
    Not sure of the quality and didnt look to hard at the types but 20 flys for $9.00 is spot on for any budget. Might be a good cheap supplement at the very least.

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    Default Re: Ever dropped a fly box and lost your flies?

    it happend to me twice...once I was guiding in Austria and dropped two boxes in the water...fortunately my friend the Fischmeister was wading not far downstream....I shouted like mad and he could net both as they drifted near himonce again in Austria I lost a nymph box on the bank and only noticed it when I left the river.When I arrived at the dinner table in the evening for a meal with all the group there was a little packet with a nice paper and a ribbon in my was my boxcan tell you everybody laughed a lot when I opened the little"present"

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    Default Re: Ever dropped a fly box and lost your flies?

    Once I was hiking pretty deep in the woods and through some pretty rough terrain. I made a jump across a small ravine and didn't notice it at the time but lost my fly box. By the time I got to the main trail I noticed that I was missing a box, so I re-traced my steps. Luckily, I found it. Since then I have always put my contact info on my fly boxes. Not that this would have helped you out in this case but good recommendation none the less. You may not always get a phone call or email from somebody, but there's nothing more to lose at that point.

    As for cheap flies. In some cases you get what you pay for. I have had good luck with Hills Discount Flies and The Fly Stop. Both have some patterns that I like. I tie a good bit of my own flies but there are a litany of reasons I will purchase flies.
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