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Thread: Crossover plastics good for trout??

  1. Default Crossover plastics good for trout??

    I put up a comparison of a few crappie plastics over on my blog. Wanted to get your take on whether these are usable.

    I guess it goes to fly fishing being about the delivery system and not about what is on the end of the line. These crappie plastics look great, are the right size and weight.

    I bet they would kill smallies if you bumped them along the bottom...

    Would they work for trout?

    Anyone try these?

    Here's an example:

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    Default Re: Crossover plastics good for trout??

    All debates about whether fishing soft plastics "counts as flyfishing" aside, I bet they would work quite well, if you can fish them like the real critter.

    I say this because the plastic itself won't sink as well as a soaked fly with dumbell eyes. You'll likely need a jighead to get the thing to bounce the bottom and enough of a jig head to do this might make it an awfully heavy item to cast. Lighter jigheads (1/32 oz, etc) will often have such a small hook it will barely protrude through the body of the plastic.

    I suppose you could make your own with size 4 (or so) hooks, weighting wire, and epoxy/superglue, but this defeats the aim of having a super simple lure to tie on without much fuss.

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    Default Re: Crossover plastics good for trout??

    Place a split shot 4" in front, they work wonders on smallies in the susky...or tie a dumbell on a hook right behind the eye then add the plastic..the hook will ride point up and it will be castable with a fly rod..
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    If you use a fly rod and it catches fish, it counts as fly fishing.

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