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Thread: Ever use Emu?

  1. Default Ever use Emu?

    I recently tied a few flies with some emu. I was wondering if any body else has ever tried this and had any luck? I used it for hackling on wooly buggers with peacock herl for the body, but havent had a chance to use it yet. Just curious if you guys had any thoughts?

    Edit: Dont judge to much on the quality of the flies
    I was just curious if anybody else had tried this, and if it had worked.
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    I have seen emu hackle used as gills for Hexagenia nymphs.

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    We used to Tie a Fly we called The Emu Black & White,it was a good Fly & everyone caught Fish on them,I don't know whether I still have any in one of my Fly Boxes,if not I'll Tie some & post in My Pictures.
    I mainly Tie & use Wooly Buggers instead these days.
    The Recipe :
    Hook : # 6 or 8.
    Tail : White Rabbit Fur
    Body : Black Chenille,Palmered with a Emu Feather.
    Rib : Copper Wire.... I've also Tied them with Silver & Gold Tinsel as well as other Coloured Copper Wire.
    Wings : Sometimes we used either Fawn,or White Kangaroo Fur Or White Rabbit Fur.
    Everyone Tied their own variant of this Fly,at times I even used different coloured Chenille.
    Emu Feathers & Kangaroo Fur is easy sourced over here,when we travel to a Mates Property in The Outback there's usually Fresh Road Kills everywhere,especially after Rain when The Roos feed on the side of The Road.
    Emus are everywhere when The Grain is being Harvested & are always getting Flattened.

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    Silver Creek tied some buggers up with Emu and posted a photo in this thread: Tying Buggers

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