Any other hidden fly boxes Jim?
Uh, possibly. These are the boxes I have pictures of!
I've got a couple of gallon size zip lock bags of flies that haven't been put in the boxes. Most of which are flies I've either purchased or got in swaps.

I probably tied about 80% of what's shown, the rest were purchased or from swaps. Some, like the Dahlbergs, Glitter Bugs & Bombers, are several years old, tied back when I was selling flies. I tied commercially for about 15 years.

What can I say, I like to be well stocked!

I love some of those bunny streamer boxes you have. Those would kill for big browns and largemouth. You dont mind if I copy a pattern or two i hope?
Copy away! Anything you see that you need a pattern recipe for, just let me know. If I can provide it, I will be glad to do so.