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nicknick222 10-15-2012 07:29 PM

Fly Box Pics
How are everyones boxes looking as the tying season comes around? Anything that you are looking to add or improve on?

Im a little depleted right now as I havent been home to tie but here are my boxes. Looking to restock my midges and add a few caddis emergers to match the naturals ive been seeing.

MoscaPescador 10-15-2012 11:43 PM

Re: Fly Box Pics
Here's my fall Truckee River fly box.


nicknick222 10-16-2012 11:12 PM

Re: Fly Box Pics
I love those crayfish patterns! They look awesome.

MoscaPescador 10-16-2012 11:58 PM

Re: Fly Box Pics

Originally Posted by nicknick222 (Post 491636)
I love those crayfish patterns! They look awesome.

Most of those crayfish patterns are Haddon's Dead Drift Crayfish.

The pattern was designed for the Truckee River. During the late summer into fall, Truckee River trout go crazy for crayfish.


sweetandsalt 10-18-2012 03:31 PM

Re: Fly Box Pics
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing's NYC Program recently enjoyed its 2nd Annual "Montauk Outing". Four excellent Captains donated their guiding and instructing expertise to our group of nine veterans and volunteer mates; Ken Courtlangus, plus PHW Volunteers Robin Calitri, Richard Reagan and David Blinken. David and Richard are both credited with having developed two of the most popular and effective flies for enticing the elusive and selective, migrating False Albacore to eat. David Blinken's splayed hackle "Jelly Fish" pulses like an injured anchovy on each strip and Richard Reagan's "Albie *****", also resplendent with lively fibers, features a Mylar lateral line and eyes. Armed with these two flies, tied by their creators, we could do no wrong as long as we could accurately present these offerings at the moment the incandescently beautiful albies strafed a purple pod of bait in their rapid fire up and down feeding frenzy.

wishiniwerfishin 10-19-2012 01:57 PM

Re: Fly Box Pics
It's always tying season over here and there's always something to eat what I'm tying so my main box stays pretty full all year. I do need to restock on FT Whistlers and a few olive/white clousers since the fall Striper season is taking it's toll on them.
The boxes that hold my weapons of bass destruction....
I just put the S&W together so it's slowly getting filled up.

flytyingcompany 10-19-2012 04:27 PM

Re: Fly Box Pics
I have to say, I absolutely love having a look through other peoples fly boxes, you get so many 'new' ideas on how you can evolve some of your own favorites. :)

@nicknick222, what are the foam flies in the last picture with the orange and yellow posts?

theboz 10-19-2012 07:53 PM

Re: Fly Box Pics
Wishin great box. Exuse my ignorance but what are the inserts for the flys inside the SW box? Never seen them before.

nicknick222 10-19-2012 09:04 PM

Re: Fly Box Pics
@flytyingcompany, those are just some big old tan chernobyl ants. If its hopper season i usually throw my nymphs off the back of one of those instead of an indicator.

wishiniwerfishin 10-19-2012 09:17 PM

Re: Fly Box Pics
They are umpqua replacement foam inserts I believe. I picked them up when I did the springfield box a while ago, opened them up and tossed the wrapper, but as far as my memory serves me they should be the umpqua large foam replacements. I had to cut them up a bit to make them fit and to get them to clear the two partitions the box has moulded into it but they work just as good as a cliff box at about 1/4 the price since I hade the cases sitting around. The springfield box came out alot cleaner because it's bigger, flatter, and had no partitions moulded into it. I have an H&K box that might get done up next.

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