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Thread: Well, I've been practicing my fly tying

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    Hey ! this is the guy I've wandered to already on youtube ! He explains it great,,,the video is from a perfect angle,,just a joy to watch. I followed him thur my 'Adams' adventures..huge help he was !


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    I was an obsessed fly fisherman for 10 years before I finally felt the need to tie my own. But as with everything in this sport - I got to the point in 2009 that I wanted to take my game to a new level. I actually took a set of 4 lessons for $100 forward 3 years and I have my own little room in the house designated as my tying room. Every once in a while I actually clean it - and within 2 days it looks like a bomb hit it again. That being said ....I get so much satisfaction from tying my own flies and n my humble opinion they are better (more durable - more realistic - higher quality) than any I used to previously buy. There is no greater satisfaction that deceiving a wily brown into believing that your creation is a tasty morsel. Good Luck...

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