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    Default Re: Stocked trout flies

    Quote Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
    They wanted the sound of all the pellets hitting I guess.
    That's exactly right
    I worked at large trout hatchery and I tell people this all the time.
    It's not the pellets themselves, it's the sound of them hitting the water that the hatchery fish respond to.
    Using a pellet fly isn't going to help you catch a stocked trout.

    When I ran the state "pay-to-fish" ponds I'd sometimes "chum" for young new fly fisher-kids.
    I'd throw out a handful of trout chow and have them cast into the center of it.
    It didn't matter what fly they used. Only that they cast into where the fish had focused their attention.

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    Here's one of the ponds with the hatchery in the background

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    Default Re: Stocked trout flies

    Thanks for reinforcing what I've been saying for years Rip! When they stocked the developments up here for opening day would take my kids at the end of the day when everyone and the mob scene died out. Grab a hand ful of beach sand thrown it out and the kids would have fish while guys standing there all day had none! Always worked!
    My oldest girl would comment "Dad you better help them get fish they don't look to happy!"
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    Default Re: Stocked trout flies

    An interesting thing about this pond is that the fish had been there long enough to get picky. They'd be in a feeding frenzy when the Old Roy hit the water but still take a second to inspect the pellet or my fly. It was a great place to get some folks their first trout and teach them casting and hook set, but catching was not guaranteed.
    - William

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