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  1. Default Favorite way to store flys

    I feel like I have way to many and that I am overwhelmed. I never really liked the foam fly boxes I always used a 16 door

    What's your guys solution to over crowding?
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    Default Re: Favorite way to store flys

    You could get a utility box made by Plano or Flambeau that has dividers that can hold your extra flies. I prefer one that I can set the dividers, so I can make space for the size of the fly.

    Then you can replenish your other boxes from that storage box.


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    Default Re: Favorite way to store flys

    Fly boxes; storage boxes for bigger flies; then two jars. One jar gets flies to recycle beads and hooks. The other jar gets flies to give away.
    At least once a year I'll replace flies with better ties. The old ones go to the jars.

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    Sometimes I just feel overwelmed I guess I'll just have to start dividing them in separate fly boxes

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    Default Re: Favorite way to store flys

    That is what happens to us Phil, I have a stack of them but only ever carry 2 on me. You might try the species specific box approach, or the wet / dry way. I used to carry a streamer wallet and a small dry selection when fishing the states.

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    That's sounds like a good idea ill have to try

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    Default Re: Favorite way to store flys

    What I currently do is have 5 wheatley fly boxes and 2 cf design fly boxes. The CF designs get used for bass flies, they're deep and accommodate big poppers.

    The 6" wheatleys are setup 1 for streamers, 1 for nymphs/wets/worms/eggs, 1 for dries, 1 for terrestrials and a 4" for tiny dries and nymphs on threaders. I usually end up with 3 or 4 boxes on the water. Sometimes I do mix a few patterns in each. But they're divided up for the most part.

    Everything else goes into one of these from Plano:

    It holds 4 separate plano boxes inside. Can easily grab the whole thing and throw it in the car.
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    Default Re: Favorite way to store flys

    I use various boxes & bags to both store & carry flies. I have 2 of the boxes that Dennis posted. They're my boat boxes. I use different size Plano/Flambeau boxes to keep my extra flies, several fly boxes for different types of flies that I'll carry, and a couple of the bags that are normally used for plastic baits. I use them for some bigger flies, and add some extra inserts so I have quite a few flies in a bag.

    I don't have pictures of the bags, but do have some of the various boxes I use.

    This is a Fox Box.

    My 2 boat boxes. Same as the box Dennis posted.

    Waterproof Fly Boxes.

    Medium Plano/Flambeau box.

    Large Plano/Flambeau.

    Another Medium Plano/Flambeau box.

    Flambeau box, polystyrene. Clear. I used these for display when I tied flies commercially. Don't like carrying them as this type plastic cracks easily, but they're great for storage.

    Smaller Plano/Flambeau box.

    Small Pocket Size Flambeau box. This one is several years old.
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    Default Re: Favorite way to store flys

    These guys have it nailed. Adjustable storage boxes from Plano for me. I have one smaller Myran that I use to keep dries in. For day trips, I keep them at the house, but when going out for a few days, I usually take them with me and replenish as needed.
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    I saw some of those water proof boxes big Jim has and I was thinking about getting a couple of those. Thankfully my collection isn't that large yet i don't know what I would do with myself if it was

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