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    Default Pick-out dubbimg???

    What fly patterns do you heavily pick-out the dubbing?
    Can't say I do it, but here in Mammoth the fly shop had lots of them.

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    Default Re: Pick-out dubbimg???

    Czech nymphs, stone fly nymphs for sure
    - William

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    Default Re: Pick-out dubbimg???

    Hare's Ears and Scuds are a couple others that come to mind.

    Jimmie: Good to see you posting again!

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    Default Re: Pick-out dubbimg???

    Hi Jimmie!

    I used to pluck all my Mayfly nymphs a little, I'm not sure it helped but I liked the look and they caught.


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    Default Re: Pick-out dubbimg???

    all the above, and pretty much any fly, except dry flies.

    The dubbed bodies on nymphs etc simulate legs, and on emergers the stray fibers can help trap air bubbles like on the real thing. If you are tying a bunch of a particular pattern take two or three and pick out the dubbing ( i use a toothbrush with the bristles cut short). THat way you have the best of both worlds in your fly box

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    Default Re: Pick-out dubbimg???

    I always have picked the dubbing on most of my nymphs, I think it was more because they looked better to me but hey it creates confidence in the fly. From a technical standpoint I have to give a +1 on emergers.
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    Default Re: Pick-out dubbimg???

    Check this video out. Somewhere around 7:15 minutes into it, you will get an explanation about picking out the dubbing. Also you get to see a cool fly tied by the fly tying man on the west coast.

    [ame=]Andy Burk: Bird's Nest Nymph - YouTube[/ame]


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    Default Re: Pick-out dubbimg???

    Quote Originally Posted by s fontinalis View Post
    ( i use a toothbrush with the bristles cut short).
    I use the "hook" side of Velcro. Just little square glued onto a popsicle stick
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    Default Re: Pick-out dubbimg???

    I use a 22 caliber rifle bore brush. I keep one in my tying kit and one in my vest. It is the simplest tool I have found for roughing up nymphs.



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    Default Re: Pick-out dubbimg???

    Almost all nymphs; particularly, as Larry said, Hare's ears and Scuds. I use a commercial wire dubbing brush; works well once you get used to the fact that you have to be little gentle with it.

    [Agree with Ard; good to see you on the forum again, Jimmie!]


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