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  1. Default Where to use these flies

    I don't remember where I picked these up of for what species they might work for. I think they are saltwater flies, but do you think I can use these for LMB or SMB?

    Thanks in advanced

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    Default Re: Where to use these flies

    Those are Lefty's Deceivers and they're on saltwater hooks
    Use them anywhere you want. They're one of the most versatile flies of all time
    Largemouth love them but I tie trout size ones too.

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    These deceivers are truly universal. If a fish eats fish, they will eat a deceiver.

    I recently tied some up for a buddy who was going to Canada that were articulated and about 9" long for pike. The pike absolutely inhaled them but so did the walleye. The popular hangtime musky fly is based on the deceiver premise as well. I've caught largemouth and smallmouth with them as well.
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    i've caught some decent largemouth on green and yellow deceivers.
    it would be a good idea to tie in a weed guard though.( i learned the hard way)



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    Great! Thanks for the replies. I'm going to give these a shot. Thanks!

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