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  1. Default Spend my money please!!

    I hope this post gets the attention of Joni and Fyshstycker specifically, but I look forward to hearing from anyone in the region or with the knowledge! I will be fishing the South Fork, Henry's Fork, Teton, and various creeks in the area.

    I will be buying about 30 flies this week from SW in IF. What would be the best selection for late winter/spring fishing? Including sizes.

    I am hoping to buy 2 of each size that I buy, so that would mean a selection of 15 different flies or sizes. For example, I am totally ok with buying Elk Hair Caddis in sizes 12, 14, and 16, which would take up 6 of my fly selections.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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    Default Re: Spend my money please!!

    Hey Dorian,
    Have you signed up for a tying class @ Jimmys' yet? your boxes will fill alot quicker.
    I will give you a list of the flies that I use in the area, this is a basic list mainly for "Springtime" nymphing.
    We will get together for a float on the S/F soon and go into a little more detail then.

    Glo-bugs, the "Bows" will be in the mood for love soon, the Browns and Cutts will chow on the eggs, I forget the name of the color but it's kind of a watered down yellow.

    Prince Nymphs with and w/o beads, #12-16.

    Stonefly nymphs, black and brown, #4-8.

    Pheasant Tail with and w/o beads, #14-20. or Hares ear's in the same size range.

    Something you may want to consider is getting your bugs with a silver or black bead, or even without a bead, I believe the fish see too many brass or gold. throw em a curve ball.

    A couple of dries that work well for us in the early season are,

    B.W.O. parachute or thorax, # 18-22.

    Adams parachute, #16-22.

    I could give you a few more but this will give you a good start.

    As far as Summer, let's work on that when it get's a little closer.

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    That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! I am so glad I joined this forum to have access to people like you and the others that so readily educate neophytes such as myself.

    On another note...does anyone know of a good online resource for fly fishermen that covers hatches, insects, life cycles, and all the other things any good fly fisherman should know...but that I don't??!!

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    Default Re: Spend my money please!!

    Anytime, and your certainly welcome.

    A great book that will give you all the poop is "Western Hatches" by Rick Hafele and Dave Hughes.

    Or you can "Google" for info.

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