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Thread: Flies on E-Bay

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    Do any of you guys or gals sell your flies on E-Bay?

    Anything for smallmouth, largermouth, carp, bluegills or pickerel would interest me. I would rather support someone on the forum if possible rather than a big box store. Thanks

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    I dont sell any flies on e-bay, but I have been talking to two guys who do. They are very helpfull when asking questions. Currently I am trying to get two flies from one of these fellows. One does a lot of big fish tieing, the other does bass and some salt water.

    eBay Store - Ned's Handcrafted Flies: Category 1

    eBay Store - Jim Green's Custom flies: Redfish Speckled Trout Flies, Bass Crappie Flies, Bluegill Flies

    Look them over and see what you think
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    what are you looking for...
    sandfly/ bob
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    Quote Originally Posted by sandfly View Post
    what are you looking for...
    I would be interested mainly in different types of flies that are good for bass and pickerel. Divers in white and chartreuse with a little silver flash added in the 1/0 range and Bluegill pattern flies in the 4 - 1/0 range would be really good. I'm hoping the divers with work as good as a Johnson Silver Minnow with a split tail chartreuse trailer works for the pickerel and bluegill are a big part of the bass diet in the ponds I fishing.

    I found the page on your website the the fly tying materials but no page with flies. Did I miss somethings?

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    Dahlburg diver and deceivers for pickerel.............good choices. As far as the Sunnies and Crappie angling.......spiders, beetles, and ants work up here.

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    I bought an terrestrial assortment (I think it was 16 flies for 12.50 shipped).

    The dealer is The Fly Works.

    Link to the store on ebay:

    The flyworks
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