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Thread: Split shuck Red Quill Emerger

  1. Default Split shuck Red Quill Emerger

    Tying up some of these experiments for when I encounter some faster water situations for either Male Hendricksons or ISO's. One of the only flies I tie without any CDC.

    Hook: Sz 12 TMC 2488
    Tail: Split shuck tied in via figure eight
    Abdomen: ??? Everyone who views the fly in person swears It has to be biot....they look at me like I have two heads when I tell them its simply oversized Mahagony thread from Walmart.
    Thorax: brown hackle
    Wing: Deer hair

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    Great looking fly! I might have to tie a couple of those up to try.

    Is there any special way you tie the thread in for the abdomen to get that ribbing effect?

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    No special method.....once the underlying shank is threaded and I've already tied in my antron shuck.....I simply tie in my oversize thread at the thorax on the top of the shank.....then tie over it all the way down to the tail......then take the tag end and start making segmented wraps all the way back up to the starting point.

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    Default Re: Split shuck Red Quill Emerger

    Great looking pattern and cool idea on how you did the abdomen.


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    I'm really getting cabin fever bad here in NY now I'm tying up some brown and tan CDC Caddis......I may have to wait until the end of July for the snow to melt so I can use these !!!!!!!

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    I like the style the materials and the hook
    been planning to get some ZLon for shucks and wings


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