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Thread: Hairwings

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    I would like to start tying hairwing steelhead and salmon flies. There is something about the simple elegance of these flies that intrigue me. You don't see these flies fished as much as in times past. Now all one sees are Temple-dog flies, string-leeches, tubes, and flies with a lot of motion that are 2-3 inches long. I want to tye hairwing flies to be traditional, not too bright, and with little or no flash. I like traditional materials too. Read where they originated in England, Ireland, and Scottland, but then were later adopted for North American Atlantic Salmon and finally Steelhead. Tiers such as Syd Glasso and Dave McNeese, amongst many others took the concept and ran with it.

    Any way all information on tying these flys would be a big help.

    I have Bates Atlantic Salmon Flys and Fishing with alot of information on the subject. Do want to buy Hair-Wing Atlantic Salmon Flies by Keith Fulsher and Charles Krom. I think these two books will be all I need.


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    Wow, I keep running into your post on every forum I go to! So again, I responded to it on one of the other four or five forums you posted it on, and hope you get good info here, too. You sure have covered the forum bases!

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