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Thread: What's your favorite?

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    Default What's your favorite?

    I am just wondering what your favorite early spring streamer is for bigger rivers....

    The catch is that you can only use a med/fast action 5 wt...

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    Sex Dungeon, Muddler Minnow or Meat Whistle

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    I agree with the meat whistle. That pattern is super productive in the rivers I fish. I like it in white, olive, black, and brown. It is tied on a jig hook so getting snagged on the bottom is much less of a problem. I have found them to be effective stripped as well as dead drifted through a run.

    I am also a big fan of the sparkle minnow. I have had some of my best streamer days in the spring with this pattern in olive. Easy to tie and throw on a smaller rod.

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    Default Re: What's your favorite?

    Slump Buster for lakes and #8 Black Flashback for streams and Rivers
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    Mongrel Meat...unweighted & non-articulated for a 5wt.

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