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  1. Default Sculpin patterns?

    I'm looking to get back into fly tying. I used to tie some poppers, but have since gotten away from it. I would like to begin learning to tie again, but don't have any patterns to start with. I love fishing sculpins for trout and was wondering if anyone had any easy patterns to start off on. Thanks!!

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    Check out this company and their products as well as instructions.

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    Default Re: Sculpin patterns?

    I'm not completely sure if HardyReels has posted a SBS for his sculpin pattern, but it would be worth a look. From what I remember it wasn't an overly complicated fly. Zonker strips, sculpin helmet, and possibly some flash and maybe a feather or two? Hopefully he'll chime in here and point you in the right direction.

    I believe Flymen, the company that produces the sculpin helmets also has a step by step posted for people.

    Here's another one I dug up that was posted to Midcurrent.

    Tying a Meat Helmet Sculpin | MidCurrent

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