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Thread: Flybox Organization

  1. Default Flybox Organization

    Hello all, don't post much on the forum but lurk around alot. Recently I took an unexpected plunge into the river while fishing, unfortunately losing just about all my flies. This got me thinking, since I have to tie/buy new flies, I want a good way to store them / keep the flies organized. How do you all store / organize your flies, especially while fishing? Pictures are encourage, as well with makes and models of boxes.

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    Default Re: Flybox Organization

    I tie my own flies so I am definitely not part of the minimalist crowd! My spouse bought me a 32 compartment Wheatley several years ago and it made me change the way I organize my flies. I bought another Wheatley with 16 compartments on one side and foam on the other. I took a Dave Hughes approach and loaded those two boxes with flies to represent the major groups. Those two boxes go everywhere with me. I also have separate boxes for different places I fish. I have three for streams in my homewaters (Idaho and MT). One is dedicated caddis and the other two have a mix. I have one box I use for a spring creek I fish in winter/spring. Then 4 or 5 boxes for lakes in spring. I have large boat boxes full of steelhead flies but only carry one or two boxes with me on the river.

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    Default Re: Flybox Organization

    Here is the most recent version of how I prefer to carry my flies....mind you I carry way to many, but they are all in a Simms Headwaters Guide hip pack so I have plenty of room

    I use the small windowed ones for midges.

    Small box #1 = non beaded midges, such as rs2,jujubee,blood midge, disco midge (all tied by me)

    Small box #2 = small bead head midges and emerger such as Barr Emerger,rainbow warrior, purple poison tung, two-bits etc etc (all tied by me)

    Big Simms Box #1 = Big nymphs such a Pheasant Tails, Hot Wire prince etc etc and some dries (PS it is full now) All store bought flies for now

    Small Simms Box #2 has about 80 parachute adams and big PMX, Golden Stone, EHC , Worms etc etc (all tied by me)

    And yes I get it, I carry way to many and I do separate by store bought or home made (it is nice to know).

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    Default Re: Flybox Organization

    The flies are in one or two of these on the rivers Cabela's Double-Sided Fly Box : Cabela's and they are zipped into my vest. Foul Weather Fly Fishing Vest | Filson
    The straps on mine on a lot darker green to match the vest. I might get wet, but I don't loose anything, at least so far except to tree limbs.

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    Default Re: Flybox Organization

    I use a wide variety of boxes for fly patterns...these are a few...

    ...just Baetis/BWO nymphs in a C&F DEsign Box...

    ...Euro Nymphs in an Anlers Image Box...I use these for Midges too...

    Sparkle Pupa in an Orvis Box with removeable slot walls...

    Mostly Myran boxes I sent to my son for waters in the East...

    I go with whatever works for me...Myran, Meiho, Wheatley, DeWitt, C&F Design and the Anglers Image Boxes...

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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    WOW!!!! I definitely do not have as many flies as some of the guys above. I guess I need to start tying more. I carry three small foam boxes - one each for nymphs, one for dries and one for streamers. They carry a good variety that I can resupply from my bag in the car; they are lightweight and they FLOAT if I drop one in the river!! I at least have a chance of getting it back!

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    I usually carry 5 boxes for trout fishing. Well 4 with one so small it barely counts

    1. Nymph box with everything from large stonefly nymphs to tiny 22's and 24's
    2. A dry fly box (large 10 compartment with all but terrestrials
    3. Terrestrial box, just plain 6 compartment plastic Plano style, fairly small
    4. Streamer box, cheap from Cabelas
    5. Midge box with tiny 22 and smaller dries

    Depending on location and season I'll leave some at home.
    - William

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    Planettrout, you sure do have a lot of flies. I better get to tying/buying if I want to have that many. Thanks for all the replies, they gave me some good ideas on how to organize my flies.

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    Default Re: Flybox Organization

    I like these fly boxes

    Also the boxes from post #3 the ones on the right are good for midges.
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    Default Re: Flybox Organization

    I really like the Cliffs boxes. I use a super day and ultra day boxes. The smaller one gets dries and the other has a bit of both but I do at least know what's in each when I need them
    But I don't have anywhere near the flies that have been posted so far that's unreal

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