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    Default Flys for prespawn browns

    Is there any special fly to catch these prespawn browns-silver just in and ones that have been in the pond all summer, they got me drove nuts, comming out of the water 2' long and bigger and wou,nt touch nothing. I only fly fish, if they don,t take a fly ,they can stay there. posioned. P.S. I do get some after dark, but hardly anything before.

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    Default Re: Flys for prespawn browns

    Those fish are eating big stuff. A mouse pattern in the bright moonlight can be deadly. Large streamers like a Galloup's Sex Dungeon might entice one to hit.

    You will have better chances of hooking up after dark.


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    Default Re: Flys for prespawn browns

    I caught a nice one on a beat up #12 Royal Coachman a couple of weeks ago. A few mentioned Brown's seem to love something in that pattern. That fly was hit at least 7 or 8 times that night and was sinking.

    It was caught right after sunset as it was coming on dusk. Biggest I've caught in daylight was ~ 11".


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    Default Re: Flys for prespawn browns

    One word - Streamers. Look on Kelly Galloup's site Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn Trout Fly Fishing Lodge to find some great recipes. My favorite is a simple rabbit strip Bunny Leech in dark olive with a silver bead-head, or bug eyes. I use a floating line. Change up how you retrieve the fly until you find the retrieve that's working on those bad boys that day. Sometimes it's as slow as a finger crawl across the bottom, other times it's fast and furious. Change it up until you find the right combo.

    Here's one of my favorite photos of a streamer-caught brown from my favorite spring creek:

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Default Re: Flys for prespawn browns

    Nice picture Kelly, but DAYUM, I'm shivering just looking at it!!!!!

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    Default Re: Flys for prespawn browns

    I agree with MP.
    It's my understanding that Browns are night feeders. Some of the guys at our FF Club have done all nighters just for big Browns.

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    Default Re: Flys for prespawn browns

    Exactly what Mosca said. Big stuff at night. I use mice on a floating line and also carry a full sink to cast zoo cougars #2 against the banks. I'm generally moving pretty fast covering as much water as possible and staying very late! Make sure you know the water well before venturing to it in the dark!


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