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    I hear so much about this hook, but have never used it.I live in Alberta.
    Is this a springtime only hook, or will it work year round.
    Thanx, getting back into fly fishing, and enjoying every minute of it.

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    They'll work all year. Anytime you have high water from runoff or a rain storm, where food is flushed into the water. My success in Colorado was with red, here in Maine the reports are pink works best. I use a bead on some, some not. Some also with a tungsten bead and wire wrap to get them down.

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    So, let me set the stage....

    Clearwater Wilderness, Idaho. N. Fork of the Clearwater, some of the best Bull and Westslope Cutthroat fishing in N. America. An absolutely amazing and magnificent place to visit, and two days were spent there on my wife's and my once in a lifetime fishing trips, you must rustic camp...(till next year as suddenly Jamaica and Cuba for Marlin are not on her hot-list after for travel).

    Me last year there (my first time):

    So we camp at a great spot. Walk 10 yards and this is what you find in front of you:

    Fast heavy water, deep (like down to 20') in the holes....Absolute Trout perfection.

    Simply due to having WAY too much fun the day and night before I fish the above spot with a 5wt. and large streamers literally pounding some nice Cutthroats up to 20+ inches (maybe 12 in all that one spot) and figure I'll get around to hitting it with the 7wt. along with other spots later for the big Bulls....As said having too much fun that never happens, so the next morning the wife wants to hit it before we leave with a....*shudder* spinner.

    She gets 6-7 different trout and then nothing losing 2 spinners in the process.....So, she wants to try a fly on the spinning rod. To that end i offer her anything of perhaps 2,000 flys I have with me, and she picks a "loose-tie San-Juan Worm". You can see them below in the upper top of the shot, tied by our very own Hairwing530 or perhaps one of his kids coming from the "Community Jar" set I requsted never to be fished by him (mistakes, poor ties and rejects all saved).

    These are probably the only two photos I can post of her fishing due to it being so cold that morning when we woke up......Lot's of split shot (3-.25" to get it out there and down).....with me telling her "look hon, this one hole is just fished out. I beat up these trout yesterday, you finished them off past the Bulls that may be there, let's pack up and move on."

    8 Cutthroats later, none of them the same that I or her caught, here are a couple of examples of what she caught on a SanJuan Worm perhaps 1.5" lg. 3/32 dia. losing three of them due to the weight in the rocks.

    BTW, the net has an 18" bow/hoop to it......and that is fast, high volume, higher than normal CFM water flow.

    Think it might work?


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
    ---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.

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    Nice, thanx for the info guy's

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    A cyber friend from NM who fishes the San Juan regular sent me some pics of the worm they use there. It is a curved nymph hook wound with red rubber band and just a tuft of red chenille off back. Some just do the red vinyl hook wrap and no other adornment. Seems to work there great and less line twist than the normal version. If it looks wormy it gets eaten I guess.

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    Great all around fly. Should be a required fly in the fly box, along with wooly buggers.

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