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    Default Noob Question - Identifying Wet Vs. Dry

    Is there an easy way to identify a dry fly vs. a wet, especially those of the same pattern? Some are very obvious by name (a Mosquito will probabaly always be a dry) or basic type (a Nymph pattern will never be a dry), but there seems to be a crossover where I get confused.

    I was looking at 2 flies side by side in a shop this morning, both a Royal Coachman pattern as example, with the dry being a #12 and the wet being a #10. Except for obvious size differences in the hook, everything else looked identical.

    As always, thanks for any help.



    I think I found the answer in Larry's and RipTide's posts seen HERE

    Thanks guys!!
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    Default Re: Noob Question - Identifying Wet Vs. Dry

    Hi jamieof,

    Larry's suggestion is the best way that I know to learn. If you don't have a catalog from Feather-Craft you should get one. The fly section is divided into different types of flies. With a little studying you will be a pro in no time.


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