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    Default Re: A question about barbless hooks.

    The biggest concern would be to use smooth jaw pliers or hemostats--you don't want serrations on the jaws as those will damage (dent) the hook's wire and cause the hook to break.

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    Use the pliers of a Leatherman or a small pair of pliers to smash the barb down. Barbless hooks make life easier, but they tend to be expensive for some reason.


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    Default Re: A question about barbless hooks.

    Hi to all,

    I have found the Tiemco DeBarb pliers to be the best I have used. I kept a pair at the tying bench and did most of the de-barbing there. The smooth nosed pliers that are shown are good in the field. You can use them to de-barb your hooks and tighten loop knots. You simply tie the loop and place the closed pliers in the loop and apply pressure. Give a little jerk and you are good to fish.


    Tiemco DeBarb Pliers

    Smooth Nosed Pliers

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    Default Re: A question about barbless hooks.

    I tie everything barbless. I've never hooked myself (knock wood!) but if I do, I want it to come out easy. It doesn't seem to affect the holding ability on the fish, and I'd rather lose a couple than injure one unhooking. That said, I smash all the barbs at the vise... with the vice: I stick the hook point in the vise so the jaws smash the barb, then reverse and start tying.

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