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    Hi Everybody, Im new here. I got a bunch of flies from a good friend. Im having a bit of trouble determining which flies are dry and which ones are wet? Just a few tips on how to figure out this would be great. Thanks everyone

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    If a fly bounces easily in a cupped palm with no more than a tickling touch on your hand, its a dry. If not, its a nymph, wet, streamer, or maybe a terrestrial (also a dry, but diff't).

    Dries are built to float, the others are built to sink.

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    Hi PAFlyMan,

    Go to one of the sites that sells flies and they will be listed by the style of fly. Spend some time studying the different fly styles and you will be a pro in no time.


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    Re: Dry and Wet Flies

    The wet ones usually are dripping....
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    fill up your sink and toss em in lol
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    tricked that fish into hitting an artificial fly.

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