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Thread: Fly assortment suggestions for beginner

  1. Default Fly assortment suggestions for beginner

    I have yet to go out and buy my first fly, as I have just recieved my flyrod a day or two ago. I was wondering what your suggestions would be, for a small starter kit to get me going? I have a 6 wt. and most of the time will be fishing bass, panfish, and trout occassionally (when I can get off work long enough!) Majority will be lake and pond fishing with occasional river mixed in and even more seldom, streams. I didn't want to go out, get carried away and come home with a thousand flys I can't yet tell apart, lol, and prefer to keep things simple until I get all the basics down. Appreciate the info, advice and tips!

  2. Default Re: Fly assortment suggestions for beginner

    1. Wooly Buggers & wooly worms
    2. Leeches
    3. Pheasant tail nymphs
    4. Hairs Ear Nymphs
    5. poppers
    6. Royal Wolf / Adams / Black Knats

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    The Best Buy in Fly Fishing is Orvis' annual come-on ... For $9.95 you will receive 8 weighted Nymphs (all proven patterns), a fleece-lined wallet, a booklet on how to fish them, an Orvis catalog, and a $10.00 gift certificate redeemable on your first order.

    Ordered individually, these flies would cost you twice as much...

    Do they work? You betcha!


    Forget to tell you the telephone number 1-800-333-1550, ext. 108...

    Old age is setting in...

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    The Full Creel can make the same offer The Full Creel uses a fly box, which is a little more practical than a fly wallet. The Full Creel will also give you your choice of nymphs, dries or streamer flies. You'll also get the instrction booklet and a 10% discount voucher.

    Mike's list is a pretty good choice for a beginning collection.

    Wooly Buggers & wooly worms
    Pheasant tail nymphs
    Hairs Ear Nymphs
    Royal Wolf / Adams / Black Knats

  5. Default Re: Fly assortment suggestions for beginner

    Thanks. Appreciate the list Mike and I am sure I will be placing some orders soon with the Full Creel. What sizes should I be looking at with my 6 wt rod? Min. - Max. would be nice if you don't mind handing out some more advice. I know I am full of questions, but one day I hope to be on here answering some questions myself!

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