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    I have had great luck with Big Y Fly co, and like the free shipping on orders over $35. The one thing I don't like about Blue Fly Cafe is half of there images of the flies are not available.

    Yukon Jack

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    Default Re: Discount Flies??

    I'M a Fly Designer for Big Y Fly company based out of OR and they do have quality flies, I know Cameron personaly and he and co-workers check all of the flies as they make them....... he tells me that they want quality control plus give a good price to the flyfisher. We designed Mr.Copper as well as 6 other streamers that will become available next year. I have a photo of the new streamers but its a large photo in which I'll try to load for your viewing. Godbless! Tightlines!

    Hello all! I've been looking for a flyfishing forum.........

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    I received my first order from Anglers Dream a couple weeks ago and fished some of the flies at Elevenmile Canyon and Deckers. They have held up as well as the $1.50-1.75 flies I've bought at the local fly shops and they catch fish. I do feel a little guilty about not buying as many flies at the local shops. I do support them with other purchases, and the shops have some patterns I haven't found online that work to good not to have. Some fly designs at any price get chewed up pretty bad after just a few fish (web wing caddis for instance). Shipment was prompt and the order was correctly filled. They also gave me a credit for one free fly on my next order. The price is so low I order a bunch of each fly. I hate running out of the fly that's working. One caveat is they don't offer some of the really small sizes I need for those tiny bug eating Chessman Canyon fish (#24-26).

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    I recently ordered from Blue Fly Cafe and Mad River Outfitters a week or two ago. Mad River is way more $$ but had some things I couldn't find on other sites. They were well made but Blue Fly really blew me away. They are cheap, quick (got my flies in 3 days) and the quality is outstanding. Now I haven't fished with them yet so I don't know how durable they are but they are great looking flies. I will definitely be buying from Blue Fly again.

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    I have ordered flies form a lot of places over the years,I can tell you this the quality and the price from Anglers Dream is excellent,I have used their poppers, drys,streamers,nymphs ,Trout,and Bass flies all are good and well made,shipping is free on some orders and inexpensive on others,the owner Lamar is a very honest person,they bend over backwards to please their customers.they are located in Texas,it looks like a family run business,check them out the prices are real good.

    have a good and safe day.

    Captain Wayne Valley Fire Service ,Valley Springs Calif.

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    Since I'm not into tying (yet), I ordered my flies from Big Y fly. Not that any of the others are any worse, but the service is good. Ordered the Eastern collection and the midge life cycle in a morel box. (also bought a morel in a different order) They are in Oregon and I'm in VA. Ordered Tuesday and got the order in by Friday. Nice turnaround.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Another site to consider is Brock's Fly Shop. The flies have been good quality and held up well.


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    stay away from Hills discount flies... service was great, they even check back with you to make sure you got everything but the fly quality was real poor upon close inspection. many smaller flies were tied right over the hook eye making tying them on impossible even had a few break on me.

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    I've been buying discount flies for years now from Little Dixie Flies in MO. Not only are the flies of excellent quality but I believe they are tied in the USofA.
    The quality is excellent!
    The prices are excellent!
    The service is excellent!
    Oy vey, what's not to like???

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    I've bought a few flies from different places, but I haven't found anything cheaper than tying my own. On average you can get a set of 12 flies for $10. I tie mine for around 25 cents a piece depending on the pattern. (at times it comes out to be only the cost of the hook and a foot of thread for the simple ones)


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