My old house had a dedicated tying room that was climate controlled but only accessible through a door not connected to house but through the garage. It was the perfect tying room. It was so nice and private, I could listen to my music without anyone walking by needing something and it meant my wife never had to see piles of feathers and fibers piled on the tying desk. It suited me well to be able to leave whatever pattern I was working on and not have anyone concerned about the mess.

I haven't figured out where I want to tie in the new house. I could set up at the kitchen table, but that would mean keeping things neat and having people marching through while I tie. There isn't a spot that I can set up a tying station and leave it messy. So far at the new house, I've only tied on a table outside. I think the old house's set up spoiled me. My dream is to have a detached office or study where I can piddle and be left alone for a couple of hours.