We've been designing new streamers here at GeorgiaFlyGuide, we started working with metallics because of their coloration as well as flexibilty and they don't shrink like marabou. This new type of streamer can be seen as deep as 5ft. plus it has great action if tied right!Big Y Fly company based out of OR will be selling them for us, this streamer brings the biggin's up from the bottom or in lightly stained waters and works very well on Shoal Bass. We've even field tested it in 5 states to prove it catches larger fish and abundents of fish. Mr.Copper is one of the 6 streamers designed for you the Flyfisher, three new designs will be available from Premium Discount Fishing Flies, Trout Flies, Fly Fishing Shop by 2009. We thank all the Flyshops and other guides that have field tested this new streamer for us!