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Thread: Bloody Bugger

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    The Bloody Bugger is simply a Black Wolley Bugger with red in the body and tail. I use red crystal flash in the tail and also wind it around the under body before I wind the hackle toward the eye of the hook. A conehead or bead is also recommended

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    Those are beautiful pics and nice fish!!!! Thanks for posting those pics!! What kind of camera was used to take those pics? Very nice picture.

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    I miss Brown Trout. There are no Brown Trout here. I used to be fishing hard at this time of year, it is the only time you can find the really big males out and about.

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    I have never fished for browns yet but there is a stream about a hour and a half-2 hours from here that has um. I want to get there asap but am waiting on my cousin. he is gonna get off work for vacation in the spring/summer and we will go camp there and try it out! a brownie is my dream fish!!! I have caught steelhead before but to me the best fish will be a brownie!!! I can't wait to see that yellow bottom with a brown top with red/yellowish/black spots!!! aahhhhhhh I need to wipe my mouth of drool..... thanks I just made a exact bugger basically this waybut used all black and some pearl flash. will have to get some red flash asap! fish love red in my opinion
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    browns are good looking favorite trout

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    Works well for river fishing for smallmouth bass too.

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    that looks like a sweet pattern!!! What kinda hackle is that
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    Awesome pics of some gorgeous Browns...Fall, late October or November?


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    Strange when I clicked on the photos, none of them worked for me.
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