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    Default Re: pheasant tail nymph

    I've tied most of mine on straight shank hooks, but don't fish them all that often to be honest. I'm planning on tying up some tail-less super heavy ones on big scud hooks for bottom feeders: pt abdo, herl thorax, big beadhead, lead wraps under it, flashback, and a copper rib.

    On the straight vs curved debate, seems like a 200r style hook would be a pretty good compromise.

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    Default Re: pheasant tail nymph

    Hi to all,

    Cliff may have a good idea with the 200R hook. It might be a bit long. I have never been a fan of the Pheasant Tail Nymph. Not that it isn't a good fly just that I like other flies better.

    I told this story before but some may have missed it. My long time fishing buddy and I were fishing the Green River below Fontenelle Dam. He was fishing some slack water close to the dam with dry flies. He loved to fish dry flies. I was down river maybe a 100 yards fishing tandem Prince Nymphs. After I had caught 4 or 5 Cutthroats he came down and asked what I was using. I thought for a minute and then told him I was fishing tandem Pheasant Tail Nymphs. He went back up stream and fished his Pheasant Tail and I kept fishing. He never did catch a fish and we packed it in after a couple of hours. Back at the truck when I was putting the gear away I noticed the Prince Nymphs. Then I realized that I had told him the wrong fly. I didn't want him to think that I lied to him so I just didn't say anything.

    Years later just before he passed we were reminiscing about fishing the Green. I told him what had happen that day and he didn't think it was very funny.


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    I have been tying my pheasant tails with straight shank hooks. I usually use a beadhead and a copper wire to make the body more durable.

    Havings said that - I am going to work in some scud style hooks to see if I catch more fish.
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    Default Re: pheasant tail nymph

    I always thought that when a nymph was free drifting it was straight & spread out to grasp. When they swim they double up & straighten while moving their legs. That's why I don't think it really matters what hook you use. I tie on both scud & straight hooks & really haven't noticed a difference. I think size, color, legs, & profile are the most important factors. As a matter of fact I think shades & possibly a little bit of noticeable flash are more important than actual color. I tie most with a beadhead but I like to tie PT's with a softhackle & fish them either in or just under the surface on a straight hook as well as with weight bouncing along the bottom. This nymph similates a lot of nymphs
    & I use them year around in sizes from 12 to 24 in all the above configurations. On the smaller ones 18 - 24 I tried testing with different color glass seed beads & red or white seemed to be the colors that I had the most success with. I tried black, green, red, white, gold, orange, yellow. tan & a few pearescent colors.

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