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  1. Default Questions about a new book?

    I've got several questions about a new book that came out recently; "The Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon & Steelhead Flies" by Chris Mann.
    1. Is the book any good, worth owning?
    2. I noticed on Amazon that this title is listed twice, once @ $99.95 and once @ $52.23. The first is published by Frank Amato Publications (Sept 1 2008) while the second is published by Merlin Unwin Books (Oct 10 2008). Both quoted prices are for new books.
    Are these the same identical book? Obviously the $52.23 price point is a lot more attractive!
    If any one can give an opinion of the quality of this book or illuminate me on the difference between the two publishers I would appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Questions about a new book?

    I wonder if the more expensive one is a hardback, and the other is a softback or even a spiral bound version?
    I love looking at the Salmon Flies plates and their recipes.

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    Both are listed as hardcover. Guess I should have mentioned it in my original post. From what I can see of the book, looks mighty impressive. At that price point though, would like to hear some opinions before taking the plunge.

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    Default Re: Questions about a new book?

    Hi bwo,

    I have not seen the books. I can say that I have never seen a Frank Amato Publications book that was worth the money. I lived in Washington State and saw a lot of his stuff and it was all fluff with little substance. Some of his publications were really bad. Now that has been more than 10 years ago and maybe they have gotten better.


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    I've done a little surfing on this and found out that Merlin Unwin Books is a UK publisher of sporting (fishing, hunting etc.) subject books. Their net site lists about a half dozen reviews of this book, all UK I assume. As I mentioned earlier, the book looks promising and is copiously illustrated. I'm very tempted.
    Again, if anyone owns or has seen this book I'm open to opinions.

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    Frank Amato Publications is a publishing dynasty here in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to his flagship monthly magazine "Salmon Trout Steelheader" there's a long list of books on interest to PN anglers. They are mostly softcover, heavy on color illustrations, light on real literary merit; in short, useful but undistinguished reading.

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