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Thread: GT flies

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    Default GT flies

    These flies work great for GTs
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    Send me,a,couple and I’ll test them

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    Default Re: GT flies

    Nice tie...where will you be using them? Are they blue water flies? The Brush flies we use for flats GT's on C.I. are tied on 4/0 to 6/0 Gamakatsu SL12S hooks in Grey over White,Tan over White and Chartreuse over White to mimic baby Bonefish or Mullet.
    I prefer 4/0.

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    What are they tied on and what size are the hooks?

    Clousers and Deceivers work fine as long as there’s good movement in the fly and has a big enough profile. I sometimes use Clousers with weighted eyes when fish are being difficult or they’re prospecting on white sand for shrimp and crabs. I prefer Brush type flies since they give lots of profile and presence when underwater without adding a lot of weight to the fly. What’s really important is that the fly swims with a lot of movement and that it swims true. For a fish with its deservedly aggressive reputation they can still be very fussy.


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    These flies are tied on SL12s hooks in 6/0, My customer ordered them the way they are tied and his group is going to someplace in Australia. I haven't ever fished for GTs so I am not very much of an authority. CB

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    That's interesting as mostly we use Brush flies for GT's here...not to say that they won't work though,and GT's can be lazy more than fussy in my experience,which is why I've revised my thinking re the hook size and now prefer a smaller 4/0.Where your client is going they'll eat anything as they won't be wading for them like on C.I.
    Too many Crocs and Sharks!

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    It's funny you posted that, my customer just emailed me and added some black and white plus some gray and white 6/0 flies to the list.


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