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    Default Re: My Wooly Buggers

    Nice work,

    The trick I mentioned about stripping half the fibers and tying with just the marabou makes leech like flies that work well as the original ones do. They are quick to may and no pain if lost.

    Remember, you mentioned having one break off. With heavier hooks looking for larger fish don't be afraid of heavy leader. I used straight ten pound in PA. and NY. for many years fishing streamers and did very well. Check the knots well also

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    Default Re: My Wooly Buggers

    Your buggers are fine! On some just use your finger nails to pinch off a little length of the tail. You can catch anything that swims on a w bugger. They don't have to be pretty to be effective. Tim Flagler has a good video on tying a "perfect" w bugger. keep tying!

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    Default Re: My Wooly Buggers

    I don't have anything to add to the already great advice in this thread, other than to say one of the great things about tying your own flies is that you get better as you do it, and you will because you'll keep needing and wanting to tie more and different flies. Your son looks like he's off to a good start too.

    In the meantime, even if your flies don't look exactly like the ones in the books and videos doesn't mean they won't hunt. The fish don't care how perfect your tying is.


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    Default Re: My Wooly Buggers

    Very nice work on your initial flies-You are well on your way!


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